About This Site:

I have always been challenged with dichotomy. So many aspects of my life seem to contradict others. At some point, I became deeply interested in living simply and minimally. It’s what Thoreau called “deliberate living”, or what some call “intentional living”. I moved into my camper to begin fulfilling this idea. But as a maker, I could not walk away from building things, especially geeky electronics. So, this site is all about my quest to use technology to SUPPORT such a lifestyle, in a world where technology often DETRACTS from actually living.


About My Camper:

My home is a 1977 Dodge Sportsman. Near as I can tell, I am the 5th owner. The second owner kept decent documentation on some interior work done around 1994 (new fridge, new floors, new upholstery, and some wallpaper). Judging by pictures and owners accounts, it was in pretty good shape in 2013 (fully functional, inspected, and road worthy). Unfortunately, the owners before me did not take good care of it. It was left to sit and rot. When I purchased it in May 2015, the bed area over the cab was completely rotten from a major roof leak, and the only appliance that worked 100% was the furnace. After a bit of work, I moved in on July 1, 2015, and continued to work. The details are documented over many posts on the site.


About Me:

Contact: shawn-AT-campergeek.com

My name is Shawn. I am and have been many things. I consider myself both an artist, and a scientist. I am a musician with a degree in audio production. I am a geek and “maker” with a degree in computer electronics. I have had deep journeys into filmmaking and photography. I have worked as a theatre technical director, a film projectionist, a radio broadcast board operator, and an photocopy technician. I am also a recovering addict and currently work as a Substance Abuse Counselor. The idea of living in a van or camper hit me around 2010. A couple of years later, I discovered the “Tiny House” revolution. In 2014, I became obsessed, and knew my destiny was to live in such a space. In 2015, it has, rather by accident, become a reality.